Space Payments: PayPal Galactic Aims for Infinity and Beyond


No one owns the Moon, or for that matter, Mars, so what happens when people start dropping hotels, hipster cafes, mega-malls, neon-lit casinos and Baby Gaps on these cosmic spinning spheroids like some crazy real-life version of SimSolarSystem? Think about money and how you might spend it, because it doesn’t matter where you arrive from, there’s that eensy-weensy problem of how to pay for drinks and food and chintzy souvenirs when you’re in legal limbo, turf-wise.

More to the point, what do you use to pay? Rubles? Dollars? Renminbi? Star Trek kinda-sorta-but-not-really money? Moon rings?

Wouldn’t you know it, PayPal has a solution, or at least an idea for a solution, jumping the gun by who knows how many years (the company claims half a decade to a decade) to ensure you’ll have a way to pay, doubtless involving PayPal, if you’re ever space-tripping and feel the urge to splurge.

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