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Romania: Paradise Lost

Romania, along with Bulgaria, tops the European charts of poverty so it’s no wonder we’re probably the biggest exporter of workforce to Western Europe among other destinations. Every 9 minutes a Romanian decides to leave: for good, temporary, seasonally – … Continue reading

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51% of Youth Face Poverty and Social Exclusion in Romania

Eurostat released some critical stats. 51% of children and youth in Romania face poverty and some form of social exclusion. That’s almost double than the EU average. Adults stand at 38%. Well done! That pretty much explains why Romania, just … Continue reading

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Happy 1st December, #Romania! #NationalDay

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World Toilet Day – Lest We Forget

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Corruption Kills: 70,000 Romanians March in the Streets #Colectiv Tragedy

The PM has resigned after protests over the Romania nightclub fire: https://t.co/G3rCGoiCRV #Colectiv #coruptiaucide pic.twitter.com/ttcOjPVxVg — World Have Your Say (@BBC_WHYS) 4 Novembre 2015 //platform.twitter.com/widgets.js

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Seeking Refuge: How Much is Romania Spending on Refugees Per Day

Often ranked among the poorest countries of the EU, Romania along with Bulgaria prepare to negotiate refugee quotas or numbers at the level of the EU. Therefore, it would be wise to see how much is Romania able to spend … Continue reading

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Happy Romania National Day! #1Decembrie

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An American in Husasau de Tinca

In communist Romania, people were either comrades or Americans. My grandmother was an American and so was her family. Basically, they were capitalists or Americans which was the derogative term used by the Communists to finger point people who refused … Continue reading

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Romanian Penal Code Gets Penalized in Parliament

The Romanian Parliament has always been one of the most prolific national institutions. Some 588 MPs in a country of no more than 19.5 million people have provided us with valuable Penal Code amendments right before Christmas. Why would anyone … Continue reading

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5 Reasons to Become a Proud Romanian

Ahead of national celebrations held on 1 December, Romanian news websites or agencies are incessantly promoting an invitation to consumerism. Practically, Romanians are told they might prove their love for their country by buying Romanian products, thus contributing to investments, … Continue reading

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