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Romanian Penal Code Gets Penalized in Parliament

The Romanian Parliament has always been one of the most prolific national institutions. Some 588 MPs in a country of no more than 19.5 million people have provided us with valuable Penal Code amendments right before Christmas. Why would anyone … Continue reading

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Romania To Buy A Private Jet. Any Offers?

For 3-4 weeks thousands of people protested heavily against the Government’s intention to go ahead with the gold mining draft law at Rosia Montana. Because the ruling majority is not sure they are really against it after all… Some weekends … Continue reading

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Romanian Outlook: California About to Frack On Shale Gas Moratorium?

While the Romanian Government is over enthused with the utopia of shale gas granting energy independence although exploited by foreign companies, all that glitters is not gold or gas. I was asking on LinkedIn some weeks ago the reasons behind … Continue reading

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Shale Gas Explorations in Romania Present No Environmental Risk, Official Says

Environment and Climate Change Romanian Minister Rovana Plumb has acknowledged that exploration permits have been granted to foreign companies in Dobrogea Region. She pointed out that in order for Romania to reach shale gas exploitation, the Ministry she overlooks needs … Continue reading

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Romanian Senator Catalin Voicu Gets 7 Years Jail Sentence For Influence Peddling

On 22 April 2013, the Supreme Court of Romania handed a final decision convicting Catalin Voicu, former Senator for the Social-Democrats, to 7 years jail sentence with no appeal while the convictee gets comfortably walked around hospitals for obesity treatment, … Continue reading

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Romanian Shale Gas: Protests Are Being Manipulated. We Should Think About Ourselves, Official Says

I have been writing several posts on shale gas prospective explorations that Chevron is about to start in Romania in areas such as Barlad or Constanta. I have also highlighted some anti-Chevron street protests that unfolded in cities such as … Continue reading

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April Fools’ Day Turned Real in Romanian Style

Aflatoxin infused raw milk becomes the norm with providers over here; Bank of Cyprus closed down in Romania for one week starting today due to Cyprus crisis. I smell domino trouble ahead! Its clients are still allowed to withdraw money … Continue reading

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European Commission’s MCV Report on Romania: Justice Lacks Strength

The European Commission presented on Wednesday the newest report available HERE under the Co-operation and Verification Mechanism on Romania outlining some of the progress that has been made so far but including valuable recommendations regarding the need for strengthening the … Continue reading

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Dan Voiculescu: Romanian MP Resigns Second Time from Senate a Week After Oath

According to Mediafax News Agency, Romanian MP Dan Voiculescu resigned today from office less than a week (22 January 2013) after taking his oath as a Senator following the national parliamentary elections held on 9 December 2012. As the very … Continue reading

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