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Current Levels of Food Waste Are Immoral, Says Janez Potocnik FFA Chairman

More on Agriculture and food waste in Europe available on viEUws

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When in Rome… Dining Etiquette Infographic

Dining with relatives or friends. When in Romania: It is unacceptable to leave anything on the plate. It shows disrespect for the host. It is customary to serve hearty soups as the main course at midday. And evenings. It is … Continue reading

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How To Dry Your Mexican Chilies. It’s All About Science

I have to say that there are laws or standards for everything, especially when it comes to food. I like spicy foods and chilies, irrespective of their origin: Mexican, European, African, Asian etc. I like them raw, dried, in flakes, … Continue reading

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Calling A Spade A Spade: Is Nature Still Organic?

Quite a few people gathered in Bucharest today to protest against genetically modified crops and to raise awareness about the need for organic food. Other protests are due to follow next week in Romania’s main cities or so we are … Continue reading

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Easter Menu: Lamb or Dog?

Beware, this post shall be about food in general, carcasses and telling a lamb from a dog. The great majority of Orthodox Romanians, author included, are preparing for the Easter religious celebrations held on 5 May this year. Generally, over … Continue reading

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