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Unpaid #UN Intern Sleeps in Tent in Geneva

It has come to my attention that UN interns are forced to live in tents to be able to complete their internship at the UNOG in Geneva. Thanks to the article published by Tribune de Geneve, I have learnt that … Continue reading

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Woodrow Wilson Celestial Sphere, UN Geneva / Daily Prompt: Moved To Tears

Daily Prompt: Moved to Tears This is the last time (although not recent) that I was actually moved to tears when taking pictures: here is the Woodrow Wilson Celestial Sphere Memorial at United Nations Palace, Geneva. I guess it’s mainly … Continue reading

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How To Dry Your Mexican Chilies. It’s All About Science

I have to say that there are laws or standards for everything, especially when it comes to food. I like spicy foods and chilies, irrespective of their origin: Mexican, European, African, Asian etc. I like them raw, dried, in flakes, … Continue reading

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Persian Awakening: Elections in Iran

Some weeks ago, Iranians made sure women were not allowed to run for President in Iran. They twisted their Constitution until it was clear that no female contender would be allowed to run as a leader. However, today the web … Continue reading

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Somalia Famine Killed Some 260,000 People. International Community Hosts Another Conference

According to a UN report released today, the Somali famine from 2011-2012 took a heavy toll: nearly 260,000 people, half of which were children aged 5 and under. It’s the most troubling report since the Somali famine dating from 1992 … Continue reading

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United States Hopes China Facilitates Talks With North Korea

It is probably repetitive to write again about North Korea but as the psychological nuclear conflict unfolds, this gives us food for thought. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry hopes China will act as key facilitator and use its regional … Continue reading

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Do You Want to Work for the United Nations and Top Your Tan in the Maldives?

Are you still dreaming, like so many others around here, of landing the perfect job in a breathtaking sunny location with the task of making the world a better place as your top priority? The UN might just give you … Continue reading

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Kosovo Independence: Should the United Nations Promote Democracy?

President Atifete Jahjaga  has said in a televised address that Kosovan independence was “irreversible” and that “the republic of Kosovo is an irrefutable reality.” Speaking on February 17 as Kosovo began marking five years since it broke away from Serbia, … Continue reading

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UNHCR: Romania’s “Oprah Winfrey” uses TV to shine a spotlight on refugees

BUCHAREST, Romania, February 5 (UNHCR) – In the bustling television studio moments before a live talk show about stress in Romanian society, host Mbela Nzuzi exudes her usual air of professionalism and warmth, and shows not a trace of nerves. … Continue reading

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UNOCHA: Displaced Families in Syria Crisis

“If the violence continues unabated, we could, in the short term, see considerably more than the current four million in need of urgent assistance and more than two million internally displaced in Syria,” the spokesperson for the UN Office for … Continue reading

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