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Windows 8 Tech Failure and Why Internet Cafes Are Extinct in Oradea

People are so used to using technology that they forgot how it feels when something goes wrong. Yes, technology fails and sometimes it is quite difficult to replace it. My PC is in a world of its own for several … Continue reading

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Digital Divide Infographic

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Going Offline Infographic

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DATASEXUAL / Daily Prompt: Connect the Dots

In response to Daily Prompt: Connect the Dots. Scour the news for an entirely uninteresting story. Consider how it connects to your life. Write about that. Photographers, artists, poets: show us a CONNECTION. I am a news junkie in terms … Continue reading

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Do we need a global cybersecurity framework?

Pressing for a Global Cybersecurity Agenda

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Shale Gas in Europe and United States is a Threat to Russia, Romano Prodi Says

Romano Prodi, ex-President of the European Comission and ex-Prime Minister of Italy, has granted an interview to journalist Vlad Mixich from Hotnews. Prodi’s interview focused on the shale gas debate in Europe, EU crisis and political parties. Full credit and … Continue reading

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Internet Infographic: European Habits

Internet broadband penetration: Romania among the lowest ranking EU countries with 55%. That does not stop us from performing well in IT, with cities as #Cluj-Napoca declared IT hubs for EU and North-American offshores. Oh, well…    

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Airline Connectivity: Going OnAir with British Airways on European Flights

Do you happen to use your mobile phone after boarding a plane or do you just linger over your inflight magazine thinking about the next travel opportunities? According to a recent survey run by British Airways in Europe, Romanians are … Continue reading

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Safer Internet: 70% of Parents Never Check on Their Children Facebook Account

Save the Children Romania Organization released a survey on 5 February 2013 Safer Internet Day that highlights lack of parental surveillance and guiding when it comes to children accounts on social media. An overwhelming 70% of parents reportedly never check … Continue reading

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