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Contingency Plans

Almost weekend but I was thinking, do people have contingency plans? Are they devising a plan B just in case plan A breaks loose? I guess it’s wise to think of plan C and D. Having just B around is … Continue reading

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How Corrupt Is Your Country? Corruption Perceptions Index 2013

Some months ago I had written a post about corruption based on some national survey. The results showed that Romania’s perception of corruption is evident; however, most often than not Romanians shy away from pointing it in their everyday life … Continue reading

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Markets Don’t Engage Anymore

There are worlds and worlds: the pre-economic crisis and the post-crisis. I am not sure Romanians are in the post-crisis, practically we’re in the midst. What I find disturbing about the social consequences of the economic recession is that people … Continue reading

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Pay in Europe: A Sad Infographic

Why it is better to be in #Norway not #Romania (hint, how much more does your boss earn) http://t.co/OaduiQPmzs pic.twitter.com/YSd7r4ffMs — Adam Bates (@AdamBates_KPMG) June 12, 2013

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What Is Corruption? Romanians Have A Hard Time At Pointing It

A new Ernst & Young survey on corruption and bribery indicates that while 61% of Romanians say that large scale corruption exists in private and public affairs, only 19% are willing to admit that bribery and fraud exist in their … Continue reading

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Made in China: Solar Panels Are Cooling Off EU Trade Relations

Before the Romanian 1989 revolution that upstaged Ceausescu, there was not much choice in terms of buying clothes or food in local State stores. You would enter a room and see the shelves empty and nothing on it just dust. … Continue reading

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What Makes Switzerland’s Relationship to the EU Unthinkable?

Let’s talk money today… I’ve started my morning coffee with Clive Crook’s article on Bloomberg who predicts that UK’s exit from the EU might happen sooner than expected unless the Union finds a solution to the gripping Eurozone crisis fathoming … Continue reading

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