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Happy Children’s Day!

I have been seriously and positively busy. So, let’s cheer up tomorrow and celebrate: have a Happy Children’s Day on 1 June 2013! Yes, Romania is celebrating it tomorrow so I am off to cartoons and chocolate! 🙂

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Waiting For The Sun

At first flash of Eden, we race down to the sea. Standing there on Freedom’s Shore. Waiting for the Sun Can you feel it now that spring has come. And it’s time to live in the scattered sun. The Doors, … Continue reading

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Greece’s Garbage Crisis: A Stinky Metaphor for an Economy in the Dumps

The EU, Greece and a lot of garbage. But the Greek economy is not the only one in the dumps: the problem is others are yet to follow.

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OECD’s Better Life Index Says Australia Is The Happiest Nation

The latest report from OECD places Australia on top of the world in terms of life satisfaction. According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s Better Life Index, Australia ranks first when it comes to jobs, income, environment and … Continue reading

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Made in China: Solar Panels Are Cooling Off EU Trade Relations

Before the Romanian 1989 revolution that upstaged Ceausescu, there was not much choice in terms of buying clothes or food in local State stores. You would enter a room and see the shelves empty and nothing on it just dust. … Continue reading

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Cluj-Napoca Owns A Bit of Britain: Check The Latest Phone Booth In Town

There’s a new bit of Britain in #Cluj. I was with @emil_boc today to unveil this monument to UK organizations’ work.… — Martin Harris (@HMAMartinHarris) May 26, 2013 “There’s a new bit of Britain in Cluj“, the British Ambassador … Continue reading

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Calling A Spade A Spade: Is Nature Still Organic?

Quite a few people gathered in Bucharest today to protest against genetically modified crops and to raise awareness about the need for organic food. Other protests are due to follow next week in Romania’s main cities or so we are … Continue reading

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Have a Snickers! It’s Saturday!

So it’s Saturday and lazyness creeps in. Oh, well! Get your cat a Snickers 🙂 It kind of worked well for Kim Jong-un, must work for cats too!

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#NATO’s Secretary General Honoris Causa in Bucharest. Is Basescu Next?

#NATO SecGen puts on the Doctor Honoris Causa cape at Bucharest University… — Oana Lungescu (@NATOpress) May 24, 2013 Oana Lungescu, NATO’s Spokesperson, tweets a pic of Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen as he is awarded the Honoris Causa … Continue reading

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Shale Gas in Europe and United States is a Threat to Russia, Romano Prodi Says

Romano Prodi, ex-President of the European Comission and ex-Prime Minister of Italy, has granted an interview to journalist Vlad Mixich from Hotnews. Prodi’s interview focused on the shale gas debate in Europe, EU crisis and political parties. Full credit and … Continue reading

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