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Press Release Infographic: Dos and Donts

I have posted some social media infographics before, yet I somehow longed for THE Press Release dos and don’ts infographic and today I found it and it’s quite smashing 🙂 (I think so).

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Stockholm Syndrome in European Democracies: Revolutions vs. Shopping

No hay un sentimiento de defender lo que es de todos, solo hay un sentimiento de querer guardar nuestros derechos individuales. Vivir lo mejor que podamos. Ir tirando. Eso es lo que hace que no haya revoluciones ahora. El poder … Continue reading

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I am learning new words and not because it’s Sunday. This one is particularly interesting: EPISTEMOPHILIA n.  – an excessive love or reverence for knowledge.   My personal interpretation of this word would lie in the heavy paperbacks that I … Continue reading

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America Is The Greatest, Freest and Most Decent Society In Existence

Among the reasons why I like this blog community that I have over here is that on different occasions, I have been given a good advice or food for thought 🙂 As we speak, I am in dire need of … Continue reading

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Do we need a global cybersecurity framework?

Pressing for a Global Cybersecurity Agenda

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Daily Prompt: Stranger in a Strange Land

I thought I’d try the Daily Prompt : Stranger in a Strange Land. For me, it’s both the people and the places that fascinate me in a strange (read: new) place. And the silence or noise. There are different types … Continue reading

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Dire Straits – Sultans of Swing (Basel, 1992)

It’s a little bit long (12′) but worth listening to especially in the second part. Enjoy your Sunday! 🙂

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Winners from Dianne Gallagher’s Giveaway

I got my first ebook prize ever : Too Dark To Sleep by Dianne Gallagher. And I am also getting it signed 🙂 Thank you Dianne Gallagher and thank you Maggie Thom. Isn’t blogging wonderful? 🙂

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Why Romania Has No Roads Or Highways

Long time no seen. So, for those of you that know a bit about the Romanian transports, railway system, roads or lack of highways for that matter, this would not come as a surprise. The Romanian Transport Minister in office, … Continue reading

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Big Disconnect: Telcos Are Abandoning Copper Phone Lines

What happens when everything goes wireless? Telcos go for the big disconnect. An interesting article: connect vs. disconnect. Or is it the same thing altogether?

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