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Expensive Tuition Fees?

Think again… some might have it harder to deal with. Unsurprisingly, Romania comes second.

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UNICEF’s Principles of Innovation for Children (#Infographic)

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Nobel Prize 2014: Malala on Education and Youth

“So it becomes the last time that we see a child deprived of education.” #nobelprize2014 http://t.co/75U5ATIVpE — The Nobel Prize (@NobelPrize) 10 Décembre 2014

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Innovating for Education in Burundi

Originally posted on [[Archived]] Stories of UNICEF Innovation:
by Eva Guerda Rodriguez, consultant in charge of the digital drums project, Burundi. To see Eva’s experience first hand, watch this video.  On the very day of my arrival from Paris to…

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What PISA 2012 Results Teach Romania About Education

On December 3, 2013, OECD released the PISA 2012 results for 65 participating countries and more than 510,000 students (15-year-olds) tested in reading, mathematics and science. Romania barely ranked 45 out of 65 countries with Shanghai-China leading the top of … Continue reading

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An Apple a Day Keeps the Romanian Education System at Bay

There was this custom in primary school to bring an apple to your teacher once in a while. You would sneak during breaks and leave on her (it was a she) desk the most beautiful, big and of course red … Continue reading

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World Bank: Romania Is a Poverty Leader in the EU

Romania has joined the EU in 2007 along with Bulgaria. No one said that we were quite ready to do that, that is why we still have convergence programs in which we continuously adapt to EU norms. Jim Yonk Kim, … Continue reading

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When Human Memory Becomes Disposable: From Handwriting to Hand-Typing

“A chosen society of philosophers, men of a liberal education and curious disposition, might silently meditate, and temperately discuss in the gardens of Athens or the library of Alexandria, the abstruse questions of metaphysical science. The lofty speculations, which neither … Continue reading

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