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Have a Snickers! It’s Saturday!

So it’s Saturday and lazyness creeps in. Oh, well! Get your cat a Snickers 🙂 It kind of worked well for Kim Jong-un, must work for cats too!

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Pirates of the Caribbean: North Korea Kidnaps Chinese Fishing Boat… And Crew, Again!

On my series of North Korea posts: from nuclear world war to sushi pirates. Apparently, North Korea has had enough of China’s fish market so they decided to kidnap a whole fishing boat, crew inside of course, alleging that the … Continue reading

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United States Hopes China Facilitates Talks With North Korea

It is probably repetitive to write again about North Korea but as the psychological nuclear conflict unfolds, this gives us food for thought. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry hopes China will act as key facilitator and use its regional … Continue reading

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North Korea: These Shoes Were Meant For Walking

While the G8 Summit unfolded today, Kim Jong-un thought of marketing a vampish war threat and released the above picture presumably pointing to the imminence of a catwalk war. I sense some Soviet style in the hat, accessories seem fine … Continue reading

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North Korea Turns South. Kim Jong-un Between Snickers And Psy

North Korea / Kim Jong-un just needed a Snickers these days. You might have probably seen this already, but I really want to share it here too: Or Facebook fans… So like it and share it, maybe he means it … Continue reading

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