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Live in Cluj-Napoca: Rosia Montana Street Protest, 10 Nov 2013

Anti-Gabriel Resources protest in Cluj-Napoca, 10 November 2013 Related posts: Romania Is No Eldorado. Protests Manage To Upstage Gold Mine Plans

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Autumn in Cluj-Napoca

They just reopened  a pretty cool park in Cluj-Napoca. It was a cool park before and less crowded, but now they did it more for the PR around a nearby mall. So, I thought I’d give it a try and … Continue reading

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Fly High at Cluj-Napoca Airport!

It happened somewhere in spring more than three years ago. I was at the airport in Cluj-Napoca ready for my take-off to Madrid. I was anxious because it was the first time I was using this airport and felt a … Continue reading

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Crisis Culture. Cluj-Napoca Dishes Symbol Bookstore into Former Restaurant

It was a rainy day today in Cluj-Napoca and also a very cold one. So much so that one could not have been able to step outside without an umbrella. I was getting back to the bus station which corners … Continue reading

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Cluj-Napoca Owns A Bit of Britain: Check The Latest Phone Booth In Town

There’s a new bit of Britain in #Cluj. I was with @emil_boc today to unveil this monument to UK organizations’ work. twitter.com/HMAMartinHarri… — Martin Harris (@HMAMartinHarris) May 26, 2013 “There’s a new bit of Britain in Cluj“, the British Ambassador … Continue reading

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