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Croatia Joins the European Union Amid Economic Recession

Croatia is joining the European Union at midnight on July 1, 2013. Surely this would be a moment of celebration, and rightly so after the many steps it had overcome. And if it had not been for the recession – … Continue reading

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Why Do We Need Negative Feedback?

Feedback is either given or requested. Or completely accidental sometimes. So the point of this post: do we need it professionally speaking? Yes, we do! But how often? It depends… I was recently asked a lot about feedback. Whether I … Continue reading

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Space Payments: PayPal Galactic Aims for Infinity and Beyond

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Hitchhiking For Free In Romania

This would be my weekend post, therefore do not expect a serious story. I heard a funny one today and thought of letting you know the easy way out in hitchhiking for free over here. Getting around in rural Romania … Continue reading

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Pay in Europe: A Sad Infographic

Why it is better to be in #Norway not #Romania (hint, how much more does your boss earn) — Adam Bates (@AdamBates_KPMG) June 12, 2013

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How To Dry Your Mexican Chilies. It’s All About Science

I have to say that there are laws or standards for everything, especially when it comes to food. I like spicy foods and chilies, irrespective of their origin: Mexican, European, African, Asian etc. I like them raw, dried, in flakes, … Continue reading

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What Is Corruption? Romanians Have A Hard Time At Pointing It

A new Ernst & Young survey on corruption and bribery indicates that while 61% of Romanians say that large scale corruption exists in private and public affairs, only 19% are willing to admit that bribery and fraud exist in their … Continue reading

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A New Europe: Calafat-Vidin Bridge

There’s a new bridge in the European Union. Not any bridge: it stretches across the Danube from Romanian Calafat to Bulgarian Vidin. Romanians called it the “New Europe” bridge. Bulgarians agreed. The bridge is symbolical of the ties between the … Continue reading

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Persian Awakening: Elections in Iran

Some weeks ago, Iranians made sure women were not allowed to run for President in Iran. They twisted their Constitution until it was clear that no female contender would be allowed to run as a leader. However, today the web … Continue reading

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Spying. Eavesdropping. The Way It’s Done In The East

Putin is getting a divorce. Some high profile political divorces are happening in Romania too, but I’m not bothered with that. Apparently, we’re having a hot Constitution cooking in the oven with sour cherries and what not. I am not … Continue reading

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