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Croatia Joins the European Union Amid Economic Recession

Croatia is joining the European Union at midnight on July 1, 2013. Surely this would be a moment of celebration, and rightly so after the many steps it had overcome. And if it had not been for the recession – … Continue reading

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Why Do We Need Negative Feedback?

Feedback is either given or requested. Or completely accidental sometimes. So the point of this post: do we need it professionally speaking? Yes, we do! But how often? It depends… I was recently asked a lot about feedback. Whether I … Continue reading

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Space Payments: PayPal Galactic Aims for Infinity and Beyond

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Hitchhiking For Free In Romania

This would be my weekend post, therefore do not expect a serious story. I heard a funny one today and thought of letting you know the easy way out in hitchhiking for free over here. Getting around in rural Romania … Continue reading

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Pay in Europe: A Sad Infographic

Why it is better to be in #Norway not #Romania (hint, how much more does your boss earn) — Adam Bates (@AdamBates_KPMG) June 12, 2013

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How To Dry Your Mexican Chilies. It’s All About Science

I have to say that there are laws or standards for everything, especially when it comes to food. I like spicy foods and chilies, irrespective of their origin: Mexican, European, African, Asian etc. I like them raw, dried, in flakes, … Continue reading

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What Is Corruption? Romanians Have A Hard Time At Pointing It

A new Ernst & Young survey on corruption and bribery indicates that while 61% of Romanians say that large scale corruption exists in private and public affairs, only 19% are willing to admit that bribery and fraud exist in their … Continue reading

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