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Europe Dependency on Russian Energy

And who has more reasons to fear Russian energy bans. Gazprom has just reduced its energy exports to Romania as of today. The figure pretty much explains Western silence or slow motion in dealing with what we may call the … Continue reading

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Shale Gas in Europe and United States is a Threat to Russia, Romano Prodi Says

Romano Prodi, ex-President of the European Comission and ex-Prime Minister of Italy, has granted an interview to journalist Vlad Mixich from Hotnews. Prodi’s interview focused on the shale gas debate in Europe, EU crisis and political parties. Full credit and … Continue reading

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Chevron Fracks Open Communication on Shale Gas with Romanian Government

U.S. companies eyeing shale gas extraction in Romania is not so much about sustainable environment as it is about politics and fighting regional trade wars.  Romania might consider giving the green light on shale gas fracking and strengthen U.S. trade … Continue reading

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Mummy Returns: Chavez Embalmed Like Lenin

UPDATE. 16 March 2013 – They changed their minds deciding that embalming was not an option given the fact that the mummy-decision was taken too late. This might also fuel rumours indicating that the death of Chavez might have happened … Continue reading

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