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Spying. Eavesdropping. The Way It’s Done In The East

Putin is getting a divorce. Some high profile political divorces are happening in Romania too, but I’m not bothered with that. Apparently, we’re having a hot Constitution cooking in the oven with sour cherries and what not. I am not … Continue reading

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Topless Ambition Gone Wrong. Why Femen Cannot Compete With Vladimir Putin

When in Rome… or when in Hanover… Femen got it really wrong this time: first Berlusconi, now challenging Putin! What were they thinking? Girls, please select your target first… Here is what Vladimir Putin said in a follow up news … Continue reading

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Mummy Returns: Chavez Embalmed Like Lenin

UPDATE. 16 March 2013 – They changed their minds deciding that embalming was not an option given the fact that the mummy-decision was taken too late. This might also fuel rumours indicating that the death of Chavez might have happened … Continue reading

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