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Europe Dependency on Russian Energy

And who has more reasons to fear Russian energy bans. Gazprom has just reduced its energy exports to Romania as of today. The figure pretty much explains Western silence or slow motion in dealing with what we may call the … Continue reading

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Flight MH17: Aftermath

Remains of flight MH17 in Grabovo, Ukraine

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An American in Husasau de Tinca

In communist Romania, people were either comrades or Americans. My grandmother was an American and so was her family. Basically, they were capitalists or Americans which was the derogative term used by the Communists to finger point people who refused … Continue reading

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I Am A Ukrainian

Back in 1989, Romanians shared the violence experienced by the Ukrainian people in 2014 and they continue to share it in more subversive forms of corruption, abuse of power and private interests. It’s a question of neighborhood!

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Good Bye, Lenin! Says Ukraine

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