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Refugees in EU: Welcome to Austria

September 2015/Hungary. An exceptional Hungarian adventure! After being shot at close to the Iranian border, almost drowned in the Mediterranean, beaten in Turkey and starved in Hungary, refugees walked on foot until they reached the Austrian border. Never mind the … Continue reading

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Syrian and Iraqi Refugees vs Tourists in Kos, Greece

Uncomfortable: A tourist couple (right) and a group of temporarily detained immigrants take shelter from rain outside a police station in Kos island

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EU Anti-Corruption Report 2014 Unveiled

The European Commission just adopted its first EU Anti-Corruption Report. Highlights: 76% of Europeans think that corruption is widespread in their own country. More than half of Europeans (56%) think the level of corruption in their country has increased over … Continue reading

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EU Free Movement for Romania and Bulgaria

Happy New Year! Romania and Bulgaria have just been granted full EU rights as of today, 7 years after their accession into the European Union. Aside from alarmist voices, some people have actually taken to counting “influx” of Romanians at … Continue reading

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Stockholm Syndrome in European Democracies: Revolutions vs. Shopping

No hay un sentimiento de defender lo que es de todos, solo hay un sentimiento de querer guardar nuestros derechos individuales. Vivir lo mejor que podamos. Ir tirando. Eso es lo que hace que no haya revoluciones ahora. El poder … Continue reading

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Croatia Joins the European Union Amid Economic Recession

Croatia is joining the European Union at midnight on July 1, 2013. Surely this would be a moment of celebration, and rightly so after the many steps it had overcome. And if it had not been for the recession – … Continue reading

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Pay in Europe: A Sad Infographic

Why it is better to be in #Norway not #Romania (hint, how much more does your boss earn) http://t.co/OaduiQPmzs pic.twitter.com/YSd7r4ffMs — Adam Bates (@AdamBates_KPMG) June 12, 2013

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