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Facebook User Worth (Chart)

More about Facebook first quarter earnings per user can be found on Mashable. Still growing!

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How Not To Visit Taiwan If You’re A Romanian MP. Private Turns Public

This post is about the misuse of social media when you are a Romanian Member of the Parliament in office and in a country your own country has not recognized. Bluntly, beware of those dreaded bilateral agreements. If you have … Continue reading

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How Is Social Media Changing Recruitment

Have you recently proofread your comments and cropped your best angle pics on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook accounts? Well, you might start doing it if you’re on the look out for a job. Here is an infographic related to just … Continue reading

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When Human Memory Becomes Disposable: From Handwriting to Hand-Typing

“A chosen society of philosophers, men of a liberal education and curious disposition, might silently meditate, and temperately discuss in the gardens of Athens or the library of Alexandria, the abstruse questions of metaphysical science. The lofty speculations, which neither … Continue reading

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