75% of International Aid Doesn’t Meet Transparency Standards

According to the Publish What You Fund campaign, only a quarter of international aid meets transparency standards. The 2016 Aid Transparency Index raises a lot more questions from donors and governments on how money is spent and whether accountability mechanisms are in place.

Here are the top 15 organizations that ranked well in terms of aid transparency:


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Hiroshima Memorial Visit 2016



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International Day of Reflection on Rwanda Genocide

As appalling as it may sound, there are days dedicated to genocides. So that people stop and think about history atrocities and commit to avoid repeating them. On 7 April, the UN commemorates the first day the genocide in Rwanda began in 1994.


A perfect example of humanitarian failure. Rather than reflecting, it should have been prevented and acted upon. As UN Sec Gen put it, the UN is ashamed it allowed ethnic cleansing of more than 800,000 people. One year afterwards, Srebrenica was allowed.


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#PanamaPapers Corruption Infographic

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#PrayforLahore Intolerance Strikes in #Pakistan

Different media coverage, just as important though. Christian mothers and children targeted in Easter deadly blast leaves 70 dead


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World Happiness Report 2016

I browsed the World Happiness Report 2016 released today and I must say, for all the indicators used, you just don’t measure happiness. Sure, you measure GDP, life satisfaction etc., but not happiness.

World Happiness Report 2016

Because things are a bit subjective here. Last time I went to Switzerland, a man jumped in front of my train. I am not saying it happens on a daily basis, but some countries in top 5 do have an exceptionally high suicide rate (here’s an extended piece on this paradox).

So, now we’re reading this official report in which apparently everyone is doing fine, roses are red and spring is in full bloom.

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Glossophobia: Media Relations Checklist

Kowal Udemy Media Interview Checklist 2015-06 final

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