UNICEF’s Principles of Innovation for Children (#Infographic)

UNICEF innovation for children

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#CHF: The Swiss Franc Predicts Yet Another Crisis – As of Today

For those of you who were not expecting it, the Swiss Franc just shook the financial markets. New crisis on its way?

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#CharlieHebdo: In Memoriam

When satire and pencils turn into weapons of mass destruction… International press response to Paris attack at Charlie Hebdo:



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#CharlieHebdo: Cartoons Turned Real

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Snow-free Oradea

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year

May the New Year bring you joy, happiness and a step closer to your dreams!

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Ten years after the tsunami – the benefits of building back better

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Picture this: It’s a Sunday in late December. You’re woken by a strong earthquake early in the morning and you know something is wrong. Soon, you’re running from the waters of a tsunami that’s flattening almost everything in its wake. You reach the top of a hill, along with others some of whom have been injured in the scramble to escape the water.

Looking back at the town of Banda Aceh below you, you see a picture of devastation. Trees, houses and roads have been washed away. Debris is piled everywhere – sheet metal, rubble, branches….and bodies. You’ve lost everything and you have no idea if or how your family members have survived. All infrastructure is gone. It suddenly occurs to you – I’ve survived this disaster, but what am I going to drink, eat? Where am I going to sleep?

The Indian Ocean tsunami which struck Banda Aceh ten…

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