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#COP21: What Does Climate Change Mean for Allergic People

This is not a complicated piece about the long-awaited COP21 deal. One of the Top 3 global polluters said that it’s great everyone is setting goals in Paris. Personally, I don’t expect the COP21 reunion to be a mere exchange … Continue reading

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#COP21: 100% Renewable

#COP21 Auj, des centaines de personnes ont envoyé un message clair : 100% ENR ! #100RE ! (C)@Yann_A_B / @SpectralQ pic.twitter.com/UKeeE1TIvU — Greenpeace France (@greenpeacefr) 6 Décembre 2015  

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Carbon Footprint Per Nation & Capita

A carbon footprint comparison of total carbon dioxide emissions by nation and per capita shows there’s plenty of room for smaller countries to reduce their carbon footprints. Source (available in PDF format): Tracking Carbon Emissions

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Chevron Claims Fraud in Lago Agrio Pollution Ruling and Sues Patton Boggs

Ok, so let’s give this blog a little more edge. I’m quite happy with the media service LinkedIn is providing because one gets a little bit more than what you expect in regular news. I had quite a few articles … Continue reading

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Shale Gas Explorations in Romania Present No Environmental Risk, Official Says

Environment and Climate Change Romanian Minister Rovana Plumb has acknowledged that exploration permits have been granted to foreign companies in Dobrogea Region. She pointed out that in order for Romania to reach shale gas exploitation, the Ministry she overlooks needs … Continue reading

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