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#CHF: The Swiss Franc Predicts Yet Another Crisis – As of Today

For those of you who were not expecting it, the Swiss Franc just shook the financial markets. New crisis on its way? Jouons un peu : trouvez sur le graph le moment où la Banque Nationale Suisse a arrêté son … Continue reading

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OECD’s Better Life Index Says Australia Is The Happiest Nation

The latest report from OECD places Australia on top of the world in terms of life satisfaction. According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s Better Life Index, Australia ranks first when it comes to jobs, income, environment and … Continue reading

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What Makes Switzerland’s Relationship to the EU Unthinkable?

Let’s talk money today… I’ve started my morning coffee with Clive Crook’s article on Bloomberg who predicts that UK’s exit from the EU might happen sooner than expected unless the Union finds a solution to the gripping Eurozone crisis fathoming … Continue reading

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Marché Aux Puces or Flea Markets: Amazing Plainpalais

Truth is that I did promise over here to do a post on flea markets and Plainpalais in Geneva is my favourite flea market not only because it’s full of interesting things and my cobalt coffee mug is from there, … Continue reading

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Fasnacht: Basel Swiss Carnival

A week after most masquerades around the globe have shut down, the Swiss town of Basel is revving its engines for Fasnacht, the only Protestant carnival in the world. Around since at least the 14th century, this European folk secret … Continue reading

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