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Markets Don’t Engage Anymore

There are worlds and worlds: the pre-economic crisis and the post-crisis. I am not sure Romanians are in the post-crisis, practically we’re in the midst. What I find disturbing about the social consequences of the economic recession is that people … Continue reading

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Stockholm Syndrome in European Democracies: Revolutions vs. Shopping

No hay un sentimiento de defender lo que es de todos, solo hay un sentimiento de querer guardar nuestros derechos individuales. Vivir lo mejor que podamos. Ir tirando. Eso es lo que hace que no haya revoluciones ahora. El poder … Continue reading

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Human Development Report 2013: The Rise of the South vs. Decay of Europe

Credit: Human Development Report 2013 – The rise of the South from UNDP in Europe and CIS With Europe sinking deep into a bitter financial and economic crisis that up to now can’t foresee viable routes for immediate recovery, it’s … Continue reading

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IMF: Romania’s Economic Growth, Gone with the Wind

The IMF Mission in Romania agreed today on a three-month extension of its aid programme so that the Romanian Government manages to reach its targets. Basically, at this point Romania failed to reach the estimated growth indicators (almost null in … Continue reading

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Unemployment in Europe: Countries Should Work on Prevention Rather than Reaction Models

The International Labour Organization (ILO) has released some days ago the Global Employment Trends for 2013 available in English HERE. It basically adds to the grim situation highlighting the fact that unemployment has hit a new high with 4 more … Continue reading

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