Carbon Footprint Per Nation & Capita

Carbon footprint_nation_capita

Carbon Footprint Per Nation and Capita

A carbon footprint comparison of total carbon dioxide emissions by nation and per capita shows there’s plenty of room for smaller countries to reduce their carbon footprints.

Source (available in PDF format): Tracking Carbon Emissions

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2 Responses to Carbon Footprint Per Nation & Capita

  1. Ron Scubadiver says:

    Why measure CO2 on a per capita basis? It makes more sense to measure it on a per GDP basis, because that is a measure of efficiency. Per Capita measurement simply allows coal burning China and India to appear better than they really are but placing over a billion redundant rural citizens in the denominator. That is, of course, if all these atmospheric scientists turn out to be right, and cities start flooding in 50 years.

    • It does not make any sense in doing it on a per capita basis – true. Plus data is a bit old, collected in 2007. Romania, for instance, has increased its CO2 emissions since it started using wind energy (!!!) – not sustainable or efficient after all, given the costs, at least over here.

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