North Korea Invalidates Armistice: Is MASH Up for Gangnam or Klinger Style?

Hong Kong (CNN) — The North Korean army has declared invalid the armistice agreement that ended the Korean War in 1953, the official newspaper of the country’s ruling Workers’ Party said Monday.

MASH: Best military comedy series ever! In case a severe conflict erupts, they’ll need some hefty Gangnam style series to cope with it. Considering it, are we short of Maxwell Klinger today?

Klinger: Halt! Who goes there?
Henry: Out of the way, Klinger.
Klinger: I’ve got to have the password, Colonel.
Henry: Bull feathers!
Klinger: That was last week’s password.
Henry: I don’t remember the damn password!
Klinger: Then I can’t let you pass, sir.
Henry: Klinger.
Klinger: Sir?
Henry: If I don’t get to the latrine, something’s going to happen that hasn’t happened since I was six. If that happens, Corporal, you’ll be in the army until you’re a little old whatever-you-are, in correction shoes and support stockings. Now blow!
Klinger: Yes, sir!

[MASH, White Gold, 1975]

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