Schengen: Definitely No Access for Romania, Says Germany

German Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich: The EU has long been evaluating whether or not Romania and Bulgaria are ready for acceptance in the Schengen Area. The last annual report showed progress, but it’s not enough. Bulgaria and Romania still have to be more decisive in the fight against corruption. Those who acquire a visa through bribery could travel all the way to Germany without further controls. Our citizens will only accept an expansion of the Schengen Area if some fundamental conditions have been met. That is not yet the case. […] The Commission has to learn to pay closer attention to the viewpoints and sensitivities of the people in EU member states.

The basic attitude of “Oh, we’ll just turn a blind eye; the main thing is that the EU continues to grow,” is no longer acceptable for those who have to answer to the citizenry.


Germany: We actually do not want you in Schengen for now. No Offence.

Romania: None taken, either way Schengen was not a top priority.

Germany: Why didn’t you say so in the first place?

Romania: We thought it was a good electoral topic so far.

Germany: So that settles it.

Romania: I guess so. But why were you going to veto us?

Germany: Too much poverty sucking Our social security funds than Yours, rampant organized crime, rule of law abuse, steady corruption, the last EU MCV progress reports on your justice mechanisms, well… you know!

Romania: Aha! France never complained that badly. No, really?

Germany: Yep, really.

Romania: Well, we’re still left with quite a lot here as well.

Germany: Well, keep it inside then, show some responsibility. Towards the EU and your own citizens.

Romania: That’s virtually impossible.

Germany: Then Schengen is virtually impossible.

Romania: We got it.

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2 Responses to Schengen: Definitely No Access for Romania, Says Germany

  1. marcelino guerrero says:

    Hmm; things appear to be tough all over the globe! Nevertheless keep posting I like your views [informative] on affairs over the big pond.

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