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A New Europe: Calafat-Vidin Bridge

There’s a new bridge in the European Union. Not any bridge: it stretches across the Danube from Romanian Calafat to Bulgarian Vidin. Romanians called it the “New Europe” bridge. Bulgarians agreed. The bridge is symbolical of the ties between the … Continue reading

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Greece’s Garbage Crisis: A Stinky Metaphor for an Economy in the Dumps

Originally posted on World:
It is like a dark inversion of the tourist images of Greece. Seagulls circle not over the clear blue waters of the Aegean, but a bleak, cratered landscape, swooping down to compete with human scavengers and…

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Shale Gas in Europe and United States is a Threat to Russia, Romano Prodi Says

Romano Prodi, ex-President of the European Comission and ex-Prime Minister of Italy, has granted an interview to journalist Vlad Mixich from Hotnews. Prodi’s interview focused on the shale gas debate in Europe, EU crisis and political parties. Full credit and … Continue reading

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What Makes Switzerland’s Relationship to the EU Unthinkable?

Let’s talk money today… I’ve started my morning coffee with Clive Crook’s article on Bloomberg who predicts that UK’s exit from the EU might happen sooner than expected unless the Union finds a solution to the gripping Eurozone crisis fathoming … Continue reading

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World Bank: Romania Is a Poverty Leader in the EU

Romania has joined the EU in 2007 along with Bulgaria. No one said that we were quite ready to do that, that is why we still have convergence programs in which we continuously adapt to EU norms. Jim Yonk Kim, … Continue reading

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Europe Day / 9 May: Freedom of Movement

Europe Day (9 May) celebrates peace and unity in Europe. The date marks the anniversary of the historical ‘Schuman declaration‘, says the EU web portal.   To me, Europe Day is less about political projects and more about freedom of … Continue reading

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Human Development Report 2013: The Rise of the South vs. Decay of Europe

Credit: Human Development Report 2013 – The rise of the South from UNDP in Europe and CIS With Europe sinking deep into a bitter financial and economic crisis that up to now can’t foresee viable routes for immediate recovery, it’s … Continue reading

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