Merry Christmas / Joyeux Noël / Craciun Fericit!


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Happy #Mole Day!

Well, it’s either this


or this 🙂


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Happy Children’s Day!

May the fun be with you!


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Word of the week

WHEREWITHAL: means, resources

Notes and Coins


Wherewithal has been with us in one form or another since the 16th century. It comes from “where” and “withal” (meaning “with”), and it has been used as a conjunction meaning “with or by means of which” and as a pronoun meaning “that with or by which.” These days, however, it is almost always used as a noun referring to the means or resources one has at one’s disposal – especially financial resources, that is, money.

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Romania’s Efforts to Regulate Uber and AirBnb Spark Concern

New economy, sharing economy or access economy… It’s clear the digital age has provided a plethora of definitions to define the unspeakable: the virtualization of economic practices and processes in which businesses no longer need brick and mortar headquarters to do just about anything.

Clearly, traditional businesses unwilling to adopt a digital approach have been left behind, and we all know keeping up the pace is essential in any type of economy. So, it did not come as a shock to see the hordes of protesters asking the Romanian government to outlaw Uber because it steals customers and provides an unfair competition to all those licensed taxi drivers who provide a less than average service. Not one word about illegal practices, overpriced rides and refusal to drive customers on short distances.


Brussels has urged EU members to refrain from outlawing e-businesses such as Uber, Airbnb and the like (most of them US-based). While a set of EU guidelines for regulating the sharing economy has been drafted, it seems that each country deals differently with this issue. Some have banned such services while others are just about to do the same.

Romania is in the process of passing a law which forces any web platform acting as a middleman for services like car/home sharing or freelancing to open local offices otherwise it faces a permanent ban.

Lo and behold! It’s amusing to read the draft project and realize Romania is far from understanding what’s been happening for a decade or so in the digital landscape. Why not clean our own house first and then think of banning others from entering it?

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Happy Easter! Hristos a Inviat!


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Disruptive Innovation

Baby boomers, generation X, Y or Z, millennials. I am not fond of labels, especially when each generation partakes in blame games. I am a disrupter. Rather than knocking on doors, disrupters are building doors and turning challenges into opportunities. There’s so much to learn and so much to discover.


I strongly believe in change and reaping the seeds of innovation. The digital age has provided us with a culture of urgency in which people need to prioritize, focus on essentials and bring the best from a myriad of conflicting data. Pick, analyze, and implement. Be efficient, be cool. Rinse and repeat.

Nowadays, disruptive innovation is at the forefront of economic, social and interpersonal change. It’s never been easier to use digital tools to advance one’s ideas, projects and reach a global audience.

How disruptive are you?

Disruptive Innovation explained by Clayton Christensen, the man behind the theory

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