Back to the Roots

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Oradea Still Shining Bright!

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Hristos a Inviat! Happy Easter!

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Happy Palm Sunday! Lockdown Reading List

Happy Palm Sunday to all Orthodox Christians and Happy Easter Sunday to all Christians celebrating today.

This is my third lockdown week in Romania and I had to come up with entertainment plans. Especially since the police car ubiquitously screaming our national anthem into its loudspeakers as well as safety instructions is pretty depressing.

Let’s be clear: we’re in lockdown yet so many people are flouting these rules so this is not going to end early. What’s next? A Nobel-winning economist encouraged people to read more fiction. Yes!!! Lay off those randomized controlled trials assessing hydroxychloroquine or remdesivir, and other hyped anti-Covid19 medication. Remember, science needs time and evidence. A lot of time!

What should you do? Think of all those books you’ve bought years ago staring aimlessly from the shelves. I am happy to start on my fourth fiction book. For some reason, I am stuck with French literature. What’s your reading list?

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Happy International Women’s Day! #IWD2020

International Women's Day
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How to Handwash Correctly #Covid19

Because what’s the point of panic buying face masks if you don’t wash/know how to wash your hands correctly. Handwashing is underratted. Virtually 98% of Romanians own one or more mobile phones BUT 3 in 10 Romanians don’t buy soap and personal hygiene products. How crazy is that?

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Leo Gassmann – Vai bene cosi / San Remo 2020

Leo Gassmann – Vai bene cosi / San Remo 2020

Che la vita è là fuori
Non è sempre a colori
Ma una cosa è certa
Non gli importa dei tuoi errori
E crollare fa male ma ritorna a sognare
Che un artista è un bambino che non vuole mollare
Non bisogna affogare in ciò che non sai fare

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Merry Christmas / Joyeux Noël / Craciun Fericit!

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Caparol Lavendel 120

Redecorating with Lavendel 120. Computer does it all with a little help 🙂

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