Are you doomscrolling? I know I am ever since this world turned upside down. I live opposite the dedicated anti-Covid hospital in my town, I constantly see ambulances packed with white PPE-dressed medical staff so it’s virtually impossible not to feel like a constant doom and gloom is hovering above the city.

So yes, I am a doomscroller. Romania hit 4,000 new cases for a few days in a row and we have the highest daily death toll in Europe. Not bad for a nation barely counting 17 million or so. I find it fabulous that with all the bad news, I’ve still managed to avoid catching it. However, due to an entire pack of uneducated Covidiots (pun intended) not wearing or refusing to wear their mask properly, these are challenging times. No end in sight.

I’ve witnessed uneducated people and also some uneducated medical staff refusing to protect themselves or anyone else properly. This is a perfect storm.

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7 Responses to Doomscrolling

  1. ledrakenoir says:

    Not always negative to be a “doomscroller” – the opposite might easily “being babble-smooth-happy-like”. Miss to see EU the act together in common. Looks more and like the UK and the US where “life happens, while the leaders makes other plans”. That’s not the way to go.

    This is a kind of war. Where it is usually soldiers who have to stand for shots in wars when political decisions are made. This one is where others in this war are hit, namely the weak and vulnerable of society. In addition, employed in the social and health sectors.

    As you wrote “I’ve witnessed uneducated people and also some uneducated medical staff refusing to protect themselves or anyone else properly” – but many other ignore (political too) there common duty.

    • Yeah, it looks like everyone is fending for themselves. Even if the EU agrees on a common approach, it’s down to politics and local healthcare system. Ours was pretty much collapsing before this madness started. For example, no hospital has been built in Romania over the past 30 years. We’re still using old, really old buildings ready to crumble. Politics has a major responsibility and ours failed us in so many ways

      • ledrakenoir says:

        Agree with you. It’s a shame to have to admit that all the big visionary words about a “in common strong brother/sisterhood in Europe” to lift up each other – only were empty words. Not much unity in how the countries act. Romania is “run over” by both western side and the eastern side too – Romania is too nice compared to a lot of the other countries including my own native Denmark (perhaps the reason why I haven’t lived there for about 15 years).

  2. Stay safe and sane, Cristina. I, too, am baffled by the refusal of people to take basic precautionary measures in the face of this killer disease. Sigh.

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