Happy Palm Sunday! Lockdown Reading List

Happy Palm Sunday to all Orthodox Christians and Happy Easter Sunday to all Christians celebrating today.

This is my third lockdown week in Romania and I had to come up with entertainment plans. Especially since the police car ubiquitously screaming our national anthem into its loudspeakers as well as safety instructions is pretty depressing.

Let’s be clear: we’re in lockdown yet so many people are flouting these rules so this is not going to end early. What’s next? A Nobel-winning economist encouraged people to read more fiction. Yes!!! Lay off those randomized controlled trials assessing hydroxychloroquine or remdesivir, and other hyped anti-Covid19 medication. Remember, science needs time and evidence. A lot of time!

What should you do? Think of all those books you’ve bought years ago staring aimlessly from the shelves. I am happy to start on my fourth fiction book. For some reason, I am stuck with French literature. What’s your reading list?

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11 Responses to Happy Palm Sunday! Lockdown Reading List

  1. Excellent idea, Cristina! Pretty has enough books at our home for us to start a lending library!!
    Stay safe, stay sane.

  2. karengadient says:

    For some reason, I’m reading mysteries and biographies lately. Stay healthy!

  3. Hi Cristina! Happy Orthodox Easter and Happy Easter! I am not able to focus on fiction. My late Mom left me a beautiful library. I had to pass on many books but kept the best that had lessons to teach. I’m reading about the role of rule of law. The book is called “The Trumpet in The Morning”. In between I read “The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady” each morning.

    • Also each day, I do a look up of an herb, flower or tree in “Back to Eden” by Jethro Kloss. Then I go to “All the Plants of the Bible” to see if the same is illustrated.

      • Happy Easter, EmilyAnn! Yeah, it’s hard focusing right now on anything else so whatever keeps you going is great. I also would have preferred gardening but travel is forbidden so I try not to think about it.

  4. Yes, I understand your feelings, Cristina. I miss my long walks by the Creek that runs through Linden. I miss seeking out the rabbits that live near one section and the flocks of Robin Red Breasts that live near another. We are not restricted from going out on walks but the crescendo of COVID-19 starts this week. I am only venturing outside when I have to throw out the garbage or put out the recycling or get the mail. And that happens on the grounds of the apartment house.

  5. When you get back into gardening let me know. I have a beautifully illustrated book called “The Remembering Garden” and another “Paradise out of a common field”. The latter is a history of gardening in the U.K.

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