Old Books: Elle coule, coule, l’eau pure

Whenever I get back from a trip, I head to the library, dusting and pushing old books so as to make place for the latest guests. Here I am thoroughly dusting Rushdie’s book – one I remember starting years ago (never finished it for some reason) when this note slipped from page 91: a happy birthday card written in French. I cannot recall whether I bought it in French or Swiss flea market.

Either way, there’s something reproachful about old books being pushed aside making place for newcomers. I might as well read it.

 “Perhaps, he thought, because strangeness, the idea of difference, is a thing to which we react with unease.”

Salman Rushdie, The Moor’s Last Sigh

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1 Response to Old Books: Elle coule, coule, l’eau pure

  1. Yes – such a wonderful quote.

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