Disruptive Innovation

Baby boomers, generation X, Y or Z, millennials. I am not fond of labels, especially when each generation partakes in blame games. I am a disrupter. Rather than knocking on doors, disrupters are building doors and turning challenges into opportunities. There’s so much to learn and so much to discover.


I strongly believe in change and reaping the seeds of innovation. The digital age has provided us with a culture of urgency in which people need to prioritize, focus on essentials and bring the best from a myriad of conflicting data. Pick, analyze, and implement. Be efficient, be cool. Rinse and repeat.

Nowadays, disruptive innovation is at the forefront of economic, social and interpersonal change. It’s never been easier to use digital tools to advance one’s ideas, projects and reach a global audience.

How disruptive are you?

Disruptive Innovation explained by Clayton Christensen, the man behind the theory

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Cristina is a WordPress blogger who regularly writes or shares updates on media, public affairs and various topics of interest. You may follow her on Communication for Development WP blog or Twitter @CristinaPopa0
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