PR Is Now [Infographic]

Right… it’s been a while since I shared infographics and since I recently stumbled upon a really good one, let’s see what public relations means. PR is is content, PR is data-driven, PR is storytelling, but most importantly, PR is NOW.

You either seize the moment or you don’t. No point in holding a press conference after Obama. There, I said it. If it happens in your own backyard and the world is holding its breath for you to speak, step on it and say it! If Obama does it and you get the mike afterwards, it really gets pretty pointless.

Because, as much as PR is based on data and storytelling, this was an ongoing horrid crisis. PR is now! Mr. Hollande

PR Public Relations Infographic

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2 Responses to PR Is Now [Infographic]

  1. I really never thought of PR as storytelling, but I guess it is. Very interesting and informative, as all of your posts are.

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