#Colectiv Club Fire in Bucharest: Death Toll Reaches 32

The Colectiv Club fire in Bucharest took a death toll of 32 so far. Tragically, doctors expect it to soar within the next days as scores of young people are in critical condition.

Fireworks used at a rock concert in Bucharest held at Colectiv club sparked a death blaze which left dozens of dead people and a few hundreds hospitalized. The deadly incident opened up a debate on how and if authorities could have prevented this tragedy. So far, except for the club owners, nobody claimed responsibility for legal loopholes and clear absence of authorizations.

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4 Responses to #Colectiv Club Fire in Bucharest: Death Toll Reaches 32

  1. ledrakenoir says:

    Don’t know the specific romanian rules, but if there is a clear absence of permissions and authorizations – then it must be the ones who organized the event together with owners and those who have brought it up and used it – who is responsible for the tragedy – which have previously been the kind of tragedies in Sweden and Germany – so tragic. 😦

    • Same here, but authorities here are somewhat lax when they hand in authorizations or when they spot irregularities. Being lax about essential matters led to this catastrophe. Owners are already behind bars and some of the organizers are either dead or in hospital. Hundreds of non-compliant buildings and commercial spaces are authorized in Bucharest (as well as in other cities) although they no not comply with safety measures. The reason 15,000 people asked the Government to resign last night is because of the way authorities deal with safety rules. Those 32 people were literally fried in a space which was authorized for 80 people and which was hosting a concert for 400 people with one single exit. Authorities were quite aware there were unauthorized concerts, yet they did nothing to enforce safety rules. There is where the problem lies.

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