Windows 8 Tech Failure and Why Internet Cafes Are Extinct in Oradea

People are so used to using technology that they forgot how it feels when something goes wrong. Yes, technology fails and sometimes it is quite difficult to replace it.

My PC is in a world of its own for several weeks now. Listening to Richard Stallman in Geneva last autumn, I remember him advocating strongly against using Windows and Microsoft programs. In fact, he advocated against using any type of proprietary software because – as he put it – the user does not own the code. Well, even if I owned the code, there is not much I could do since I am completely ignorant of coding languages or free software for that matter.


Going straight to the point, I had my Windows reinstalled about 2 months ago when my XP no longer reacted and when, of course, I lost all my data since I rarely backup files. Or let’s say, I only back up recent crucial files. So I got a Windows 8 on a PC bought and produced in 2006. My PC and W8 did not seem to get along in the first place but I was happy to clap my keyboard so I did not think about it much.

Two days ago, in the middle of a crucial project, my Windows refused to start and I had no other alternative than – brace yourselves – search for an Internet café in Oradea – so as to finish my project within the deadline.

And surprise, the old Internet café in Rogerius was replaced some years ago by a hair and nail salon and the only available PC seat in the some neighborhood copy center offered impossible working conditions.

That’s where I realized that we are so used to delegating things to tech apps or devices that when something goes wrong, we can no longer rely on ourselves.

P.S. I did finish my project, but only because I borrowed a laptop. It’s crazy because in the 2000s, Internet cafes were one of the most thriving businesses all across Romania and now they’re extinct. So much for excellent broadband when you lack the device to access it.

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6 Responses to Windows 8 Tech Failure and Why Internet Cafes Are Extinct in Oradea

  1. adi bondor says:

    For this kind of “incidents” is nice (and very helpful) to have another “smart device” , like a smartphone or a tablet ,,,, and of course if you don’t want to loose any data you can always backup your files on a USB device (a flash drive)
    You have to “upgrade” to a new and improved laptop/notebook. (your laptop is 9 years old)

    P.S. Internet cafe are no longer profitable since in every house exist at least 2 smart devises and the internet is almost free at charge.

  2. Adrian B says:

    Incearca la biblioteca poate au computere pe care le poti folosi? Doar intreb pentru ca nici la noi nu sint internet cafe dar inca sint la biblioteca de cartier.

    • Biblioteca din Oradea e mai mica si de cand spatiul a fost retrocedat unei biserici, se tot muta. Intradevar nu am fost de mult acolo, dar nu cred ca aiba spatiu disponibil. Cea din Cluj are. Oricum, am luat altul ca la cel vechi i-am pus cruce.

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