Richard Stallman at SIGEF on Free Software vs Proprietary Software

To get into Halloween’s spirit… well it certainly looks like it 🙂 Credit for the picture goes to my colleague as I was too busy interpreting!

Richard Stallman SIGEF

Just to follow up on my experience at the Social Innovation and Global Ethics Forum, here is a picture of Mr Richard Stallman whom I am sure you’re familiar with if any of my readers are into the free software movement and GNU project.

It was my pleasure to interpret Mr Stallmann at SIGEF in Geneva and learn a bit more about free software vs. logiciel propriétaire (proprietary) and the need of today’s society to control the software it uses and not let itself controlled by private unknown owners.

Control of software equates ownership of freedom, and it was in the spirit of freedom that Mr Stallman delivered two great powerful speeches about user autonomy – hence independence, State surveillance, Snowden (of course) and free software.

Well, as the story goes, I did not only interpret him, but also got to share the bus to Champel: to my great dismay! Mr Stallman appears to be just a human keen on being free, and keen on raising awareness about the dangers deriving from lack of independence especially in an interconnected world such as ours.

To conclude with, control the code and you’ll control your world!

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2 Responses to Richard Stallman at SIGEF on Free Software vs Proprietary Software

  1. Cristina, you lead the most interesting life of anyone I know – and such a keen mind! I admire you very much…alll the way acrross the Pond. Have a wonderful weekend!!

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