Accident de Personne(s) à Morges

Many things can be said about Switzerland. Well, the country or the confederation itself is a brand. The excellent railroad system makes no exception here.

So there I was last week in the ICN from Basel heading to Geneva on Tuesday morning. Rush hour was way past my train schedule, so there were not too many people that morning: some old lady who mistook the train for another one, and some young men already late for work.

And me heading for the Social Innovation and Global Ethics Forum (SIGEF 2014) where I was due to interpret the event on behalf of ICVolunteers and Horyou Foundation. And by the by, the event was a hit: social innovation, global ethics, and community projects. What could go wrong when you speak about social good and ethics?

Still, my train was on time and I had plenty of space to revise my papers. As we got closer to Vaud Canton, the train stopped and we are issued an apology in French, German and English. And I quote the basics: Due to an “accident de personne(s)” (translates as “accident”) near Morges, the train will have to stop until further notice.

Mind you, trains that stop in the middle of nowhere in Switzerland??? Well, that is extraordinary! To say the least! So, I did suspect the unsuspected and someone did clarify it some days afterwards that “accident de personne(s)” in French does mean that someone did commit suicide, and the train had to stop and clear you know what.

25 minutes – that’s all it took them to clear the railroad, and then we made our way into Geneva like nothing happened.


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8 Responses to Accident de Personne(s) à Morges

  1. adi bondor says:

    Yap ,,, I think the motto for some guys (regarding the life),,, is like: “What a hell ,,, easy “come” ,,, easy go” .

  2. Adrian B says:

    Very nice that you can travel with your work. you mix work with pleasure. Wow only 25 min? Here in Canada will take at least 2 hour to “clean” everything.

  3. I find this tragic – on many levels.

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