Creative Routine Infographic

All of us have some routine strategies that set the day in motion. Mine is mixing cofee and green tea mugs before a long breakfast. Then turning off all – and I mean all – distractions (social media included) while working. What’s your creative strategy?

Creative Routine infographic

About Cristina Popa

Cristina is a WordPress blogger who regularly writes or shares updates on media, public affairs and various topics of interest. You may follow her on Communication for Development WP blog or Twitter @CristinaPopa0
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4 Responses to Creative Routine Infographic

  1. Ha – excellent article Cristina! After a careful look at all of these successful writers’ typical days, I have come to the conclusion that the only thing I have in common with them is the amount of exercise they did. 🙂 Clearly I don’t spend nearly enough time working. 😦

  2. Adrian B says:

    Very nice post Cristina. They are all brilliants and yet they have so less in common. I guess a specific routine it will not make you a genius.

    • Thank you!!! Exactly, it’s up to each individual to create a “creative” source of energy but there is no common denominator in doing it. And that’s the beauty of human beings 🙂

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