Romanian Slumdog Millionaire Dies Rich

A Romanian 88-years old woman from Targu Carbunesti recently offered her own live version of Slumdog Millionaire. In her town, she was known as an old poor woman who was always out of money, food or water. She used to carry around a satchel like most beggars do over here; whenever people came close to give her money, she clasped her satchel angrily and started to accuse them of robbing her.


In fact, people knew she was so poor and helpless that she begged for money, food and even water. People told the media that the old woman would not even drink water from her own courtyard well and asked her neighbors for it instead. As her own neighbor recalls it, he was terrorized by the old beggar who always seemed to lack something.

Some days ago, the social care assistant found her dead next to the satchel that she always carried along when she ran her errands of begging around the town. The satchel was full of newspaper rolls filled with money. In fact, the police stated that the old beggar had as much as 30,000 Euros (converted from RON) in cash.

No wonder she was begging for water included!

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