Romania: Why Don’t You Come Over? We speak better English than anywhere you’ve been in France

About a year ago, I was mentioning a Romanian campaign Why Don’t You Come Over – a response to the local EU fears, especially in the UK , that Romanians are going to flood UK borders in 2014. And actually, it never happened nor will it happen.

Since that post is pretty popular these days with search engines, I am just going to reblog it.

Yes, I am being a lazy blogger these days.

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With over 7 million immigrants living in the UK – about 11% of the population, notably from India (658k), Poland (521k) and Pakistan (452k), the UK is said to be fearing Romanian and Bulgarian intakes next year! Ridiculously enough, around 2.8 million Romanians live overseas, particularly in Italy (813k), Spain (810k) and Hungary (189k). Barely 58k Romanians live in the UK. So where’s the fuss and fear over an influx of immigrants?

Britain is believed to be preparing a negative public campaign so as to deter immigrants from Romania and Bulgaria to freely enter the UK once the restrictions on British work permits are lifted in 2014. Romania has hit back through the Why Don’t You Come Over? Campaign launched by and available on Gandul daily news website.

A few funny bits of it:

“Charles bought a house here in 2005. And Harry has never been photographed naked once”.

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