My Blog Is Not Paying

Over the past months, I have been asked on many real life and virtual occasions the reason behind my blogging and the revenue I make out of it.

I was also recently told that “if you are a blogger, then your blog must be definitely an expression of your self-orientation”. I found that an extraordinary label, I still do. The cogito, ergo sum analogy was strictly fallacious in this context.

It’s a matter of trend – at least where I am – to assume that all bloggers must definitely blog for money and in order to express a certain level of self-absorption. Well, some of them do while some others write authentic content for nothing. Therefore, I am probably writing this meta-post since we’re approaching New Year’s Eve and since this blog has accompanied me this year on and off, but was constantly there to support me.


  • First and foremost, my blog is not paying at all. I do not blog for money and not intend to do so. But I also respect people who do it.
  • However, this blog does pay in creativity, inspiration and learning perspectives. I learned a lot of new things from the community of WordPress bloggers and sparked new writing opportunities.
  • This blog is not a personal diary, but a collection of posts, most of them focused on expanding my writing-analysis skills on diverse topics that I am fond of and in which I have significantly more insight to share with the rest.
  • Furthermore, I am grateful to all those 250-something WordPress bloggers that read and follow my blog. I am reasonably trying to follow back and read most of you over here.
  • Finally, I wish to thank the community of bloggers and readers for the rewarding interaction and content that has been posted, commented and shared during this year.

Have a Happy New Year everyone and wish you all the best!

I look forward to reading you in 2014!

About Cristina Popa

Cristina is a WordPress blogger who regularly writes or shares updates on media, public affairs and various topics of interest. You may follow her on Communication for Development WP blog or Twitter @CristinaPopa0
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6 Responses to My Blog Is Not Paying

  1. Ron Scubadiver says:

    Good statement, I could say the same except that my mode of expression is photography.

  2. Maggie Thom says:

    Thank you for all that you post, I am truly fascinated by the information that if I hadn’t found your blog I would never know about. Happy New Year.

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