Cadbury Is On Its Way. The Cheese Is Safe

What an awkward title for a post that has to do with chocolate! My Cadbury milk chocolate bar is about to be flown in tomorrow from London Luton to Cluj-Napoca, hence my impatience. I am chocolate person anytime, anywhere. The sooner, the better.

I have been fairly all-around Europe, but not UK. So, when I was asked: “What would you like as a present?”, I snapped: a Cadbury bar, pretty please!!! This would be my second Cadbury so far. I got to sample the French, Belgian, Mexican, Romanian or Swiss marvels for years and years of sweet and entertaining calories, then fairly anything else European, still I found Cadbury pretty interesting much like Proust and his madeleine narrative moment.

It’s just chocolate, you would say. No, no quite. It has an outlandish taste, not too sweet, not too cocoa, not too milky. I loved it. Indeed, I might be mistaken and this is just an expression of my low sugar level, yet I think it’s also because I tend to idealize Cadbury’s taste since I do not have the chance to sample it more often. I also think it reminds me of my mother’s homemade chocolate recipe, so that must be it.

What’s your favorite chocolate bar? I bet you have more than one on your mind right now.

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2 Responses to Cadbury Is On Its Way. The Cheese Is Safe

  1. I hope you enjoy your well traveled chocolate. Cadbury is pretty good aren’t they….

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