Beauty Is a World Betrayed. Do You Betray Expectations?

There are many characters from Milan Kundera’s novels that I am fond of. However, I have a personal favorite: Sabina from The Unbearable Lightness of the Being. Not the movie, please, the book! Please read the book, the movie is far from it.

Beauty Is A World Betrayed

Beauty Is A World Betrayed / Credit:

Sabina believes that in order to fight kitsch and show originality, she must perform a constant set of betrayals. Betrayal as her own definition of human existence. The novel is set under the communist regime in Prague. However, her vision on world, beauty and individuality could be applied anywhere else.

It’s really a kitsch label to purport that Sabina is a result of the communist regime, because she is the antithesis of it. According to Sabina, betrayal of conventions is what facilitates originality and being oneself against set social norms and conventions.

Because the world as it is becomes unbearable at one point under any regime or democratic governance.

In other words, do you do what others expect of you or are you being yourself? Are you living up to the definition the others have and make of you or actually live up to your own standards?

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