Amalia Crisan: Romanian Artist Revisits Paul Klee’s Dadaism (2)

“Art does not reproduce the visible; rather, it makes visible”. Paul Klee

Interview with Amalia Crisan at DA-DA Art Exhibition, October 26, 2013 in Cluj-Napoca.

Question (Q.): Amalia, how old are you?

Amalia Crisan (A.C.): I am 12-years-old.

Q.: When did your passion for painting start?

A.C.: I started painting when I was 6.

Q.: How did you nurture your skills?

A.C.: I took private classes with my professor and mentor, Ms. Margareta Catrinu.

Q.: What do you expect from your passion for art in the near future?

A.C.: I want to make a living as a painter and I wish to have many art exhibitions.

Q.: How many exhibitions did you have so far?

A.C.: This is my second art exhibition. The first one was held in 2010 at the Tailor’s Tower (i.e. Bastionul Croitorilor), in Cluj-Napoca.

Q.: Could you name some of the great painters that have influenced your work?

A.C.: I am inspired by the art of Paul Klee, Henri Matisse or Gustav Klimt.

Q.: Is there any particular painting with a direct influence?

A.C.: Yes, there is. I painted the “Japanese Garden” (i.e. Gradina Japoneza) being inspired by Claude Monet.

Q.: Are you already preparing your third exhibition?

A.C.: Yes, I am. It will be ready in 3 to 4 years and I would like it to be hosted abroad.

Q.: Where exactly and why?

A.C.: Either in Koln (Germany) or in Bern (Switzerland). In Switzerland because Paul Klee’s art is hosted in Bern and he is a painter which greatly inspires my work.

Thank you Amalia Crisan for the wonderful interview and inspiring exhibition!



Born on 1 December 2001 in Cluj-Napoca

Fifth grade student at Onisifor Ghibu High School, Cluj-Napoca

2006-2013 She studied painting with Professor Ms. Margareta Catrinu

2011-2013 She attended Tudor Jarda Art School in Cluj-Napoca, Graphic Design Class, Professor Duiliu Crisan


2013 DA-DA Art Exhibition at Casino Center for Urban Culture, Cluj-Napoca

2010 Personal Art Exhibition at Tailor’s Tower, Cluj-Napoca


Honorable Mention at “Fascination of the Figurative Art”, Cluj-Napoca, 2012

First Prize at “Hail to the Birth of Christ”, Cluj-Napoca, 2013

Second Prize at the international contest “A Song for Mothers, A Song for Europe’s Children”, Salva 2013

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5 Responses to Amalia Crisan: Romanian Artist Revisits Paul Klee’s Dadaism (2)

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  2. Maggie Thom says:

    A very talented young woman. Thank you for sharing her art. I love seeing young adults stepping out and following their passions at such a young age. Beautiful.

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