Fly High at Cluj-Napoca Airport!

It happened somewhere in spring more than three years ago. I was at the airport in Cluj-Napoca ready for my take-off to Madrid. I was anxious because it was the first time I was using this airport and felt a bit awkward. I am more into Budapest and just love the terminals from our Hungarian neighbors as well as the tarmac. Oh yes, the tarmac! So yes, although I am Romanian, I am more fond of the Hungarian tarmac when it comes to any destination inside-outside Europe.

I have my infrastructure reasons for feeling that way. So where have I left it? Some three years ago, the Airbus was just about closing its doors and we were nearly off to Madrid. What an awful runway it was both for taking off and landing. Just awful compared to just about any remote or main airport I have ever used. Yes, I am quite picky when it comes to my safety.

Some 2-3 days ago, the County Council left me a note or a survey or an invitation to witness-try-test the new runway at Cluj-Napoca Airport. They finished some 2,100 m out of 3,500 m. Mind you: they are still doing the grand ceremony on that 2,100 m even though they are left with no funding for the rest of the runway.

They have not even expropriated the people who used to own the lands beneath the new runway. They’ll be at the ceremony too waving their discontent. So, this will be quite a circus, not sure I wish to attend a politically fuelled ceremony.

Not sure I am ever going to take-off that runway since it’s unfinished. Let’s wait a decade and see what happens.

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6 Responses to Fly High at Cluj-Napoca Airport!

  1. you are a brave traveller Cristina! 😉

  2. sophieinlume says:

    I have to use this wonderful Airport too, unfortunately. What got better in the past 10+ years:

    – now, it looks more like an airport, than it used to. I remember literally walking to the airplane. Outside. Alone. No bus, no loop, nada

    – At arrival, they used to throw the luggage through the door and just put it on the floor. Again, literally. And we used to pick up the luggage and get out

    – the staff is super super friendly. Each person we encountered smiled, wished a nice flight and if my kid was with me, they treated him great

    – there are a few places to get coffee, water and a snack. Like more than the weird thin plastic things (ment to be glasses) to have a hot bad coffee in

    – yay for the parking lot and the clean bathrooms

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