Going Nuts Over Walnut Trees

Friday short story based on real facts and real nuts

Walnut Trees in Husasau de Tinca

Husasau de Tinca Walnut Trees / Credit: communicationxdevelopment.wordpress.com

Romanian villages are a mixture of tradition and modernity. By modernity, I mean either newcomers who have switched from the urban area and moved into the country side, or simply villagers that are way too connected and too tech savvy to be called villagers.

But don’t be mistaken: technology does not go too far from the Internet, satellite TV and mobiles. The land is still worked manually in most of the cases. Yet people have become somewhat lazy, so it is not uncommon to find out that they are more preoccupied by the latest reality show than by completing their daily chores and follow nature’s own course.

So, yes this is highly the season for harvesting walnuts especially since most of the households have 3-4 big, really old walnuts trees. And there is this guy who has recently switched homes and left the old house abandoned and empty just as he has let the orchard and the walnuts abandoned. And he does not really care about his walnuts, or so it seems.

One of his neighbours offers him money in exchange for the walnut harvest from the tree that is in front of his house. This particular walnut tree is exceptional and it would be a real pity not to pick them before winter. So the guy gets his money and tells his neighbour to harvest them whenever he wants.

Ok, however, the walnut owner was slightly tipsy when he made the deal and once he arrived home he completely forgot that he had a “deal” and was no longer supposed to harvest his walnuts, at least not from that particular tree. So, at a certain point, he returns with his lady and they start harvesting the walnuts. The neighbour to whom he had “virtually” sold the walnuts also arrives to do the same thing. When he sees that the owner completely forgot about the deal, things start to get crazy and accusations pour in.

Fed up with the walnut agenda, the owner disowns the deal, starts cursing whoever crosses his way and in a fit of “reality show”, picks up the axe and cuts down the walnut tree with walnuts and everything, and pulls it into his yard. Case closed, no more walnuts.

Husasau De Tinca

Husasau de Tinca / Old church tower seen through walnut tree branches / Credit: communicationxdevelopment.wordpress.com

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16 Responses to Going Nuts Over Walnut Trees

  1. beyondlisbon says:

    Moral of the story: don’t drink and deal with your neighbours! 😉

  2. andy1076 says:

    LOL that’s one way to close a deal, How I would of loved to be the fly on that wall watching all this happen 😀

  3. I don’t ever like to think of a beautiful tree being deliberately cut down. In Texas we’ve struggled against drought in the past few years and some of my favorite beautiful oak trees that have been here for hundreds of years have been lost.
    P.S. I never knew walnuts came from Romania.
    P.S.P.S. Gather ye walnuts while ye may.

    • There are many walnut big producers (US comes third) and Romania is among the top 10 (I just learned that). It’s really a common tree to find anywhere around, my grandma has at least 3 different types and shapes. The tree that was axed was really wonderful. Well, stupidity combined with alcohol does this sort of things.

  4. Bigfoot says:


    The photographs that you included with this story are from Husasau De Tinca. My wife’s family lives there, and they can see the church tower from their garden.

    Are you in Husasau De Tinca?

    • The story is based on real facts :). I grew up in Husasau and the pics are from my grandma’s yard. Well, that depends, there are many gardens surrounding the Church Tower. Mine is the first garden/house on your right on the little secondary street heading for the church. Lots of walnuts, can’t miss it!

      • Bigfoot says:

        My wife’s parents live in a house just south from there. When you are driving from Oradea to Husasau and cross the little bridge in Husasau, their house is on the corner of the first little dirt road on the left.

      • Before or after the City Hall?…

  5. Bigfoot says:

    When driving from Oradea, the city hall is on the right. Then, you cross the bridge. Then, you pass the church (it will be on your left). Then, you come to a dirt road on your left. That is where my wife’s parents live…. directly across the street (vis-a-vis) from Surica (the old mail man). She grew up there too, but we think that we are probably a little older than you are. Were you known by a different name when you were a child?

    • Now, it’s clear. I always thought you have one of the best gardens around, I played at Veta Turcului so many times 🙂 It was your neighbour right? My grandma’s on the parallel secondary (bicycle) street right next to the church right at the other end. Your wife must certainly know Domnica, my grandma. You’re much older than me for sure, I have the same name as a child.

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