Of Dogs and Men. Bucharest Under Siege

How do you manage to terrorize a city capital like Bucharest? No, not with protests. With dogs without owners. A child was attacked by dogs in Bucharest, killed in a central park and practically eaten to the bones some days ago. The day after, another child was attacked and the day after another one. Ok, we’ve got used to adults being attacked and even killed, but this time, these were children. It’s really terrible to get used to this sort of news.

Bucharest dogs without owners

A man killed by a dog is loaded into an ambulance (Credit: AFP/Getty)

Some months ago, I wrote an article about Bucharest’s dogs without owners that roam about the streets and the draft law the City Hall had prepared to handle those over 66,000 dogs that are simply free on the streets. But this situation has been going on for years and years and was and is completely disgraceful.

Nothing happened with that draft law. That child was killed by beasts and it sent an emotional wave all across Romania about the pure incompetence and stupidity of public administration in a European capital. Today, they finally passed the draft, amended in the sense that dogs without owners unclaimed for 14 days are going to be put down.

Now, as you may imagine the whole country is aflame over those 66,000 dogs that might get euthanized. And it’s precisely the irresponsibility of public administration combined with that of “presumed” animal lovers that simply led to such a situation.

You cannot walk downtown in a capital and be circled by dogs and fear for your life. Because it did happened to me on several occasions when I was there. In plain daylight and on central avenues. It’s abnormal to get chased by dogs. It never happened to me in any other city.

I grew up in the countryside with pigs, cows, cats and puppies. I’m quite at ease with animals and dogs for that matter. My grandma had the smartest dog alive: it really proved helpful in mending several minor disasters. Yet, this post is not about animals, this is about beasts that human irresponsibility can no longer hold at bay.

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4 Responses to Of Dogs and Men. Bucharest Under Siege

  1. Wow – what a horrific situation you are describing. I feel deeply for everyone involved.

  2. Adrian B says:

    This problem is for years and nobody is doing anything to get to the bottom of that. Maybe the Mayor should walk more often on those streets and I bet he will start do something fast.

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