Mars Colonization: The World Is Not Enough

So perhaps Garbage was right singing The World Is Not Enough: about eight Romanians are ready for the challenge – colonization of Mars somewhere around 2022. The project is developed by Mars One organization and it means that the selected colonizers are willing to stay on Mars forever after they are shipped over there.

Mars colonization / Credit: Wikipedia (

Mars colonization / Credit: Wikipedia (

When you think about it, it’s way cheaper going to Mars than taking a train in Romania (yes, I might have an obsession with the railway system over here). The ticket fare is really a bargain: from $15 to $38 depending on nationality and GDP if selected.

I do not know: I would love the adventure for a few days, weeks or so, but having to remain over there forever? No, not me, I am an earthy creature. Then you have to build houses, farm the land, be a Robinson Crusoe again… I could do it on Earth but no other planet, it’s too Star Trek in any case.

It also points out that we really should take better care of the ground beneath our feet and cherish the planet we have already been granted than fantasize about destroying another one. I can just imagine the first industrial railway road on Mars… then fast food, oil and coal industrial race and so on and so forth, and then they will probably look for yet another planet or star or anything ready made. Not very sustainable is it?

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6 Responses to Mars Colonization: The World Is Not Enough

  1. I love the idea of Mars colonization. I just wouldn’t want to be an intrepid explorer a la Captain Kirk.

  2. Maggie Thom says:

    It sounds cool but I’m quite sure I couldn’t be a Mars dweller or I guess you’d really become a Martian? And you are so right, we do need to take care of what is beneath our feet and that which is around us. 🙂

  3. EmilyAnn Frances says:

    Just the thought of being in a heavy space suit and dependent on a tank of oxygen to breathe is enough to squash all “Star Trek” fantasies for me! I like to move around light and free. I agree with you. We should take better care of where we live as well as the people around us.

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