I am learning new words and not because it’s Sunday. This one is particularly interesting:

EPISTEMOPHILIA n.  – an excessive love or reverence for knowledge.

Marché aux puces / Flea market in Plainpalais, Geneva

Marché aux puces / Flea market in Plainpalais, Geneva


My personal interpretation of this word would lie in the heavy paperbacks that I was buying from bookstores either in high school and later on in college; despite the fact that I had access to spectacular libraries, I preferred having them at home on the shelves.

Yes, I know we have ebooks now, but I am quite old fashioned when it comes to books. I like to browse – physically – through their pages and feel the covers and smell the yellow dusty paper.

Yep, can’t do that with ebooks although I must confess that technology has a way in easing our lives. And partially, I do adapt to it. Partially!

Have a great Sunday!

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10 Responses to EPISTEMOPHILIA

  1. I also love the feel of books – I always have…

  2. utesmile says:

    I still love proper books, where you really can see how far you are with your reading. Taking books on holiday , ebooks you could take more though. I love books and I could spend days in good bookshops. (Working there would be enjoyable too)

  3. Maggie Thom says:

    I too loved to have the books on my shelves rather than borrowing them. I too love books but I have to say that ebooks are edging them out slightly. I love having so many at my fingertips and I can change what book I’m reading in a matter of seconds. Pretty cool. Books will always have a special place…

  4. EmilyAnn Frances says:

    I agree with you about having a book in hand. There is great pleasure from the fact that the book is always there and can be picked up to enjoy at any time. For me the enjoyment is heightened by not having to be concerned about the tech side of ebooks–batteries, recharging, maintenance and so on.

    • I barely knew what an eReader was until some weeks ago… Sure, technology is practical (extremely helpful), but I do prefer having the real over the virtual. It’s because there is so much virtual already that I need my own real world in it.

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