Jet Aviation’s Timeless to Visionary

TIMELESS TO VISIONARY is the theme of two cabin interior designs for wide-body aircraft created by the Jet Aviation Basel Design Studio.The designs are meant to inspire customers by contrasting classic and futuristic cabin interior creations. Taking two floor plans of similar layout, the Jet Aviation Design Studio developed two very unique design approaches to illustrate the journey in creating classic, timeless designs to more visionary design concepts that may provide a glimpse into the future of cabin interior design, particularly as aircraft manufacturers increasingly introduce lightweight airframes of composite structures.

P.S. For those of you who like planes or private jets (I do!). Classy 🙂

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6 Responses to Jet Aviation’s Timeless to Visionary

  1. I think the airlines should just get back to basics sometimes, like leaving and arriving on time. This seems to be a lost art for some air lines. 7 of the last 8 flights I have taken have been noteably delayed or cancelled altogether.

    • That is completely true and I had some earlier posts on this. However, this was a bit different, focused on what a private jet offers in terms of interior design, the plane certainly won’t be delayed simply because the passenger owns it. But delay on all other cases is a matter of diverse factors including natural ones.

      • I know. I would love to travel on one of those one day. I still stewing about my flight being cancelled last week for no good reason. No private jets for me yet. 😦

      • Usually there are a lot of reasons (technical or non-technical) for delay but the handling agents will not be able to give you specific details because that’s the policy with lots of airlines…

  2. Maggie Thom says:

    Wow very nice. Now that’s the way to travel (as long as you can put aside the not going green thing) 🙂 Pretty cool ideas. Someday…

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