Pirates of the Caribbean: North Korea Kidnaps Chinese Fishing Boat… And Crew, Again!

On my series of North Korea posts: from nuclear world war to sushi pirates.

Apparently, North Korea has had enough of China’s fish market so they decided to kidnap a whole fishing boat, crew inside of course, alleging that the Chinese were fishing in North Korean waters. The boat is held for ransom by North Koreans but no one paid it so far.

Kim Jong-un Misunderstands Commands / Credit: WeKnowMemes.com

Kim Jong-un Misunderstands Commands / Credit: WeKnowMemes.com

But this is not the first time North Korea plays the Pirates of the Caribbean: last year a North Korean boat hijacked three Chinese boats with 29 fishermen on board, reportedly for a ransom of US$190,000. Two weeks later, they were freed – some of them stripped of everything but their long johns…

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